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Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review & Best Prices Info

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Canon EOS T5i Sale Prices and Review

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CAMERA: Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Canon EOS Rebel T5i CCD Size:

Canon 18.0 megapixel APS-C (22.3mm x 14.9mm) CMOS Sensor

Canon EOS Rebel T5i Review:

The Canon EOS T5i has a 18.0 MP CMOS APS-C format sensor capable of producing a 5,184 x 3,456 pixel image (14.81 by 9.87 inch photographic print at 350 dpi), as well as, 1080p full HD video (30fps at 1920 x 1080).

The Canon T5i is a modest update of its successful T4i DSLR and now becomes 'the top of the heap' of Canon's "Enthusiast Photographer" EOS Rebel product line. It handles the full complement of Canon EF lenses, so photo results are sharp and usually perfectly exposed. It's moderate price point makes it a strongh contender if you are thinking about a DSLR that will also shoot high-quality full-HD video.

If your deal is video, you should know the T51 can use the Canon STM lenses which are almost completely silent when they focus, and the very flexible lcd preview screen offers great touch screen controls.

You might want to consider an external shotgun microphone, we like the Nikon ME-1 shotgun mic -- it sounds great!

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We have found some great pricing for the EOS T5i , both as a kit and as body only. See the red box below for the the up-to-the-minute best prices on the Canon EOS T5i .

Canon EOS T5i Specs:

ISO (Standard): 100 -  12800
ISO (Expanded): 100 - 25600
Shutter Speed: 1/4000 to 30 sec.  
Continuous Shooting: Up to 5 frames per second.
Compatible Lenses: Canon EF lenses (including EF-S lenses)
(See complete specs at

Canon EOS T5i Best Prices & Promo Codes:

EOS T5i List Price: $899.99
T5i Promo Codes: n/a
Canon EOS Rebel T5i Best Price Today on Amazon

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